Internet marketing basics you thought you knew

At the rate technology evolves, everybody would have been an expert five minutes ago. For SEO, though, there’s no feigning expertise without a solid foundation. People need to brush up on basics to ensure that everyone is on the same page as Covington, LA SEO companies.

Stay focused on your customers

Your customers are your reason for being in business. Your marketing strategy needs to be centered on them. The challenge is to create customer value propositions that would help return your investment.

Connect with content marketing

Content marketing isn’t just blogging – it includes info guides, articles, webinars, and videos powerful enough to draw your market to your site and keep them there. Hopefully word gets around because their experience was a positive one.

Rise from the ranks with SEO

Keyword optimization is one way to please the search engines so they can grant you a high search result position. The other ways are to have a functional and friendly website, and content that equates to a good online reputation.

Create a strategy to get social

Your social media strategy should go beyond a Facebook profile or Twitter feed.  It should engage the customer in the key social media channels they spend the most time in, and should do away with the idle ones.

Mobile ability

Smartphones and tablets are taking over. If you’re not optimizing your site for mobile visitors, you are missing a large chunk of your key market. Make your site mobile-responsive to avoid frustrating mobile browsers.


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