Mobile Marketing Facts to Blow your Mind

In SEO, mobile marketing is steadily taking to its own pedestal. With more people turning to smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices for their web surfing needs, it’s safe to say that optimizing for mobile isn’t a luxury for businesses anymore—it’s a necessity. Here are a few interesting facts about mobile marketing and browsing.

  1. An estimated 75% of Americans are so attached to their mobile devices that they’ll even bring them into the bathroom when the call of nature strikes. When they’re in the bathroom, they often check their email, browse social media sites and play games; which equals to a lot of chances to reach potential customers.

  2. Smartphone activation is lording it over the world’s birthrate. For every baby born, there are three smartphones being activated for use.

  3. Stats have shown that 4 out of 5 consumers use their smartphones to shop, with retail sporting an 80% reach rate and Amazon being the leader at getting visitors (46.6% reach). Recognizing this trend, retailers like Target are increasingly focusing on mobile marketing.

  4. It is projected that, for the year 2015, the number of mobile devices will almost equal the total number of people on Earth.

  5. Mobile users which search for businesses online are three times more likely to buy than those browsing on laptops or desktops. That being said, 70% of mobile searches lead to an online action within an hour.


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