Some Misconceptions about SEO

Search engine optimization (or SEO) is a crucial tool in helping your company website gain online traffic. While it has become one of the most cost-efficient marketing methods available today, many still hold several misconceptions about SEO. Below are three of the most common ones:

Just Keywords and Links

Not so long ago, stuffing your content with keywords and gaining links from other sites—authoritative or not—was enough to land you at the top of Google searches. With the recent algorithm changes, though, search engines have become more sophisticated at interpreting queries, so these tactics would no longer work. Now, factors like your site’s mobile optimization and the quality of your content are much more important.

Target High-Traffic Keywords

If a lot of people are searching for a certain keyword, then you should probably target it as well, right? Not really. Higher search volume also means more competition for a given keyword. With such a crowded field, it might be better to target a less popular keyword since you’ll have a better chance of ranking highly for it.

Only Google Matters

There’s no denying that Google is the dominant search engine in the country, but don’t dismiss other search engines quite yet. Look at Bing, for example, which in April 2013 accounted for 18.1% of searches in the nation—double what it generated just four years ago. Focus your efforts in optimizing not just for Google, but for other search engines as well.


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