A More Strategic Google Means Better SEO Practices

Where Google goes, SEO follows.

Although not the first search engine in history, Google introduced many concepts and features that helped cement itself as the clear frontrunner in search engine technology. It thus makes sense for SEO companies to keep close tabs on Google’s latest activities, particularly their updates. A new update in Google’s search algorithms would almost guarantee a change in SEO strategies.

SEO experts point to a pattern in the latest changes on Google’s look and function. The 15-year-old search engine is telling SMEs to be more strategic with their online marketing (they’re not throwing “tactical” out the window, mind you), as it slowly learns human language–a significant development that would define SEO in the years to come.

This radical change highlights Google’s intentions to make searches more user oriented. Demand for information will only increase from this point onwards; hence, the need for unique, relevant content. It is safe to say that old SEO practices such as keyword stuffing have been relegated to history, overtaken by the demand for uniqueness.

If you want your business to be at the forefront when Google’s next update kicks in, keep yourself updated with the search engine’s comings and goings. Better yet, work with an SEO company who never relents on keeping up with these changes.



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